My Life and How Media Affects It

Photo 1 copyMy name is Katie Hale. I am from Macon, Georgia. I am a junior at Reinhardt University. The opportunity of playing on the women’s soccer team is what brought me and my twin sister, Allie, to Reinhardt. I am a Digital Art and Graphic Design major with minors in history and PR/Advertising. With this degree, I hope to pursue a career either in advertising or with a magazine company. I decided to take this class, Mass Media and Mass Communications, because it is a subject that interests me and will help me learn more about the industry that I hope to work in after graduating.

As technology has continued to advance over the past years, our society has become more and more dependent on it. Media and technology play an important role in my life. Whether it is for schoolwork or relaxation, I am almost always using technology. For example, right now I am writing this blog. As I am writing on my laptop, I also have the television turned on as background noise. It is not uncommon for me to be using multiple devices at one.

IMG_6901People like to use devices and technology as a way to stay in touch with others. This is the reason why I, like so many others, constantly have my phone in my hand. With cellphones and other similar devices, people are easily able to connect to media outlets. I am a member of many social media sites. These sites give me the ability to keep in touch with friends and family, learn new information, and they also provide entertainment. The most important role that media plays in my life is that it gives me a place to share my photos. One of my hobbies is photography. Media sites have given me a place to share my pictures with others. Being able to share my photos with others has made me enjoy my hobby even more. It has also helped me improve because I am able to get feedback from other people.

In today’s society, media and technology is used by everyone. Many things are changing to adapt to this technology-driven society. Books are a good example of this. Honestly, I have read more e-books than hardcopy books in the past year. The same goes with the newspapers. I seldom pick up the newspaper; instead, I prefer to get my information by going to the newspaper company’s website. Schools have changed to fit into this media centered society. With the use of technology and media, we are now able to get information quickly. This has made learning much easier. They are even some online colleges that people can enroll in. Without technology, I would not be able to post this blog for this class.

In these days, being dependent on technology and media has become a norm. It has become such a big part of society that people have come to reply on it. I am definitely guilty of using media way too much and would probably be lost with out it.


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